Electronic Surveillance
Video surveillance is one of the most reliable and most common methods for maintaining security. We can provide and support both traditional analog systems as well as modern network video systems.
Electronic Access Control
Electronic Access Control Systems can provide you with a record of who opened a door. These systems also allow you to add or delete electronic keys and control when and where authorized personnel can enter. Consider your risk when a conventional key is lost or stolen.
Tracking and Reporting
GPS tracking devices come in two forms. Passive devices will record travel data for a period of time until the unit is later retrieved and the information is downloaded then reviewed. Active devices allow for real time monitoring of a vehicle or individual. Most active products require an internet connection and a service contract.
Security equipment and investigative tools continually evolve. Our knowledge of the these devices allows us to be creative in their application and deployment.

Whether for protection of personnel and facilities or for fact finding we will employ the use of specialized equipment to maximize the benefit for our clients.
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